You are currently viewing ‘Oh Woow!, I exclaimed aloud looking at the crowd in astonishment

‘Oh Woow!, I exclaimed aloud looking at the crowd in astonishment

The hall was already filled to capacity even as guests continued to file into the auditorium.

I was surprised at this because the marriage rites at the church had just been concluded barely 30mins ago.

There were no vacant seats at the gallery either and everyone was jostling to make themselves comfortable . I could see people exchanging friendly banter whilst adjusting their seats and  positioning themselves to get a vantage view Of the stage and high table where the couple would be seated shortly.

I was brought back from my reverie by a feminine voice by my side….please may I sit here for a minute while the ushers help me check for any available seat she asked?’ Oh that’s alright’ I replied, hoping  that my hospitality wouldn’t turn out to be a logistical nightmare as I didn’t want to many people seated at my stand ,blocking the smooth flow of traffic that I wanted whilst sharing souvenirs. Besides I didn’t want any chaos caused by people struggling to get Souvenirs; any premature undue attention to my stand could topple all the well laid down plans. I was anticipating a seamless progression of events yet I was prepared for the worst.

The day was the 27th of March 2019. The much awaited day was here!

Anita weds Gabriel #Tag2019.

We had been counting down to this day since February. We had already branded, wrapped and packaged over 1500 wedding Souvenirs for our client about a 2 weeks to the day of the event.

We were just waiting for the Big day to come, and finally it was  here.

I remember when the bride”s mother had called me from U.S in January. “Hi Pat, how are you she asked?” “I Am very well Ma ; thank you and you?;

It’s Been two years already Ma…please tell me there is an occasion coming up and you need our products and services” I replied with a chuckle…(We had previous handled one of her daughter’s wedding Souvenirs in 2017 #chilyn2017 ) .

She laughed at the other end and confirmed my thoughts; oh yes there is another wedding coming up she said and she needed Souvenirs for the General Guests, VIPs, Asoebi Ladies, Groom’s Family, Couple’s Friends and the list went on…..

I had to grab a pen and quickly made some notes as the conversation went on, this was music to my ears…

That was Madam M for you; always detailed and paying attention to the minutest of details about what she wanted.

I had come to admire her personality; she was more like a mother and a friend to all.

It wasn’t long before all the gift items were agreed on for Madam M. She then reffered me to her daughter Anita so that we could decide on the type of Souvenirs for the young guests (Friends of the couple).

“Like mother like daughter” the saying goes.

Anita was easy going and detailed like her Mum; she was a chip of the old block. she knew exactly what she wanted and wanted what she wanted…if you know you know. Her slogan was “ If I want it , I should be able to get it! “ ….And it was my job to deliver to specification.

I am delighted to say that all went well. From the choice of gift items from our stock of souvenirs to importing their other choices from our Catalogue…..From the packaging design to the gift wrappers…..From assembling the gift bags to moving the items to the venue by our logistics Dept.

We had come a long way and we were now here at the wedding reception venue to share the gifts to the wedding guests.

We will furnish you with how it went on our next blog post, please stay tuned.

To be continued!