About Us

Exquisite gifts and souvenirs ltd is a wholly owned Nigerian private limited liability Company that provides world class design solutions for party and event gifts and souvenirs to its clientele. Using a highly professional and efficient process we are able to serve our clients with their desired design and marketing options in a way that satisfies them and maximizes value for money. Our clients benefit from our services through; improved brand awareness, new business relationships, focus on their marketing drives, retain existing customers, get more leads, more sales, more referrals and improve their corporate image through our range of products and services. The Company was founded in June 2014 but commenced full operations in October of the same year and we have grown organically from humble beginnings with no client to our credit to over 80 clients presently – both small and big – from across Nigeria notably in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Warri and Uyo. Till date we have accomplished some commendable feats with some of our clients earning positive reviews, increased sales and improved image laundry from their guests, customers and partners for successful events and hospitality shown them through our exquisite gifts and souvenirs.

Our Values

All key decisions made while serving our clients is viewed through the lens of key values which define our existence and service. We are guided by;

  • Honesty: to us, it will always be the best policy
  • Excellence: only the best is good enough
  • Persistence: keep trying till you get it right
  • Reliability: our word must always be our bond
  • Promptness: always deliver on or before deadline
  • Innovation: always seek newer better ways of serving the client
  • Service: the client’s needs must never suffer under our watch
  • Diligence: we always do our homework well and make sure the client benefits from it

These values have enabled us pursue our mission effectively, and deservedly we have enjoyed customer loyalty and support which have kept us going even in a highly competitive market.

Our Mission

Provide unique, premium and affordable solutions to our clients that would make them trust us for future engagements

The Exquisite Team

Our Company is led by our young and vibrant MD/CEO Miss Patience Essah. Her knowledge of designs and hospitality has made her a competent leader within our business, charting the course for the rest of the team to follow. The company works with external partners – both technical and marketing – who ensure that overall, all gifts and souvenirs produced meet customer needs and reasonably surpasses available substitutes by the competition.

Our Range of Products and Services

We offer only upscale services and premium products which vary from party souvenirs to wedding gifts and sourvenir items to corporate gifts and souvenirs. We buy and stock very unique designer products (gift bags, laptop bags, daily planners, unique multiple USB charging points and keyless padlocks to name a few) to present as gifts in addition to making these products tick for your corporate product launches, seminars, workshops, gala nights, parties and other events requiring your hospitality towards guests, partners and clients.

Our service offerings include; personalized designs for party supplies, customization and branding of corporate gifts, wedding gift bags, seminar/training branded items (bags, jotters, pens, etc), design of product/company logos, branded hotel towels and beddings etc

Our Value Proposition

Since inception, we have consistently delivered value to our clients and our promise to them has always been “to make your every event a fruitful, profitable and memorable occasion to relish with our cutting edge designs incorporated into your gifts and souvenirs”.

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